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Rat Axe Spray

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rat spray for cars

An axe spray to keep the rats away. It is a unique formulation designed to keep away rats from your precious car. It drives away rats from the engine, electronic items and other small components. When using the spray, don’t forget to wear the mask and hand gloves included in the package.

Toothbrush Holder Box

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Small Travel Toothbrush Holder Box Case

No more excuses for not brushing your teeth while travelling or camping. This travel holder box can carry your toothpaste and toothbrush so that you do not find it troublesome to brush your teeth. The eco-friendly portable box comes in a variety of colours and makes sure that you maintain your oral hygiene. 

Concept Decorative Mirror

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Flourish concept Decorative Mirror

Replace your plain old boring hand mirror with this concept decorative piece and watch your beautiful image reflect in a cluster of mirrors. The delightful mirror weighs around 7 Kg, is made of glass and mild steel and comes with a bright and attractive golden frame. 

Engraved Whisky Glasses

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Anniversary Gifts for Couples, TYYC Hubby Wifey Engraved Whisky glass set Of 4 With Coasters, Gifts for Husband and Wife

What better way to celebrate your anniversary than having expensive whiskey in specially engraved glasses. The glasses are gracefully shaped but sturdy, and are an ideal gift for anyone with a fine taste for alcohol. Permanently engraved with laser technology, the whiskey glasses are mesmerizing in their beauty.

Organic Lemon Pickle

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Natureland Organics Lemon Pickle

Enjoy the traditional and original taste of lemon pickle prepared using age-old and authentic pickling techniques. The natural, unadulterated ingredients and earthy recipes used during preparation will deliver an exotic treat to your taste buds. Stop spoiling your health with adulterated pickles.

Beauty Bottle Opener

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Modern Beauty Bottle Opener Silver Beer And Wine Bottle Opener

The most creative bottle opener ever invented for men. The sleek and slender figure gives you a good grip and the experience of opening a wine bottle feels as good as the wine itself. This high quality imported opener has a beautiful design and does not fade or rust. Makes a great wedding gift option.

Wine Glass Cover

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3D Liquid Flow Wine Glass Design Soft Silicon Back Cover Case For Apple Iphone 7

A match made in heaven for lovers of iPhone and wine. The iPhone 7 cover comes with a unique 3D liquid flowing wine glass design and protects your phone from scratches and dust. It may not be possible to have wine everyday but the smooth flowing liquid in the transparent cover is close enough.

Beer Glasses T Shirt

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Beer Glasses Mens Casual All Over Printed T Shirts Tees

Let your love for beer flow out. This hot summer, let the world know your love for beer with this ultra-cool beer glasses t-shirt. The shirt is made of Dri-Fit material (a high-performance, 100% polyester fabric) perfect for gym, beach and everyday needs. It also contains soft inner lining for extra comfort.

Na Ho Paega Notepad

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Na Ho Paega Notepad

Tired of all the “To Do” lists in your life? Too many tasks weighing you down? Just put them all in the “Na Ho Paega” diary and forget about them. Inspired by the famous dialogue from “Gangs of Wasseypur” movie, you can use this 100-page notebook to chronicle a long list of your failures.

Mobile DLP Projector

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Mobile DLP Projector Mini Pico Pocket Video Wifi Portable Projector HDMI Built-in Player for Laptop Home Theater Digital 120 Max Display 100LM LED Lamp, Rechargeable, Free HDMI Cable, Tripod & 8GB

Carry a 120-inch LED TV in your pocket. This mini LED handheld projector projects pictures clearly and allows you to stream media content wirelessly from your mobile phone. You can use it for presentations at your office, or project movies on the ceiling in your bedroom.